March 27th, 2014

Сообщение о самоубийстве 19-летней экс-Свидетельницы и комментарии в Фейсбуке.

Эта девушка прыгнула с моста, после чего умерла от травм. Сообщение от 20 марта, по описанию, скорее всего произошла трагедия в Пн 17 марта, ранним утром. Связывают трагедию с одиночеством после лишения общения у Свидетелей и отношением к ней родственников.

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Вот основной текст на инглише.

Lacey Gardner

Ex-Jehovah's Witness Recovery Group 3!

A dear young woman that I loved so much jumped in her attempted death from a bridge in the early hours on Monday morning. She passed away yesterday at 1:45pm from the trauma I am left feeling so incredibly lost in what I could've done for her. She was raised as a witness and left the organization a year or so ago after she turned 18, she would've been 20 in June. Her witness family first blamed Satan the Devil for causing her to jump to her death. Then her mother is now blaming my cousin, who is her best friend, for her death. They refuse any responsibility or role in her loneliness and feelings of unworthiness and the love she lacked from her family. My heart breaks for her because of this pure torture that no child, young adult or anyone should ever have to endure. It hurts so bad to know that they are actually debating on even having a memorial service because she was no longer an acting witness. She deserves to be memorialized. She deserves to be put to rest in dignity, but most of all with love and respect. It breaks my heart that as a parent and knowing the love that I feel for my own children that they can turn it off like a switch. I hope that this event and loss will actually soften her mothers heart for her to see what this cult has done to her precious daughter.

Вот ещё фото. Похоже, что натура была творческая, вероятно ранимая.

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Sus blogs

Вот что написано в одном из них "Обо мне":

About The Artist: Baylee R. Mann

Hello fellow artists and lovers of art. I am an artist from Ocala Florida. I am currently in my 3rd year of Commercial Art classes at my High School. What inspires me is the ability to create new people through paintings, with stories to tell and emotions to share. I try my best to convey the emotion of the setting I create. To tell a thousand stories with no words at all is what it’s about for me. Due to the fact that I love to paint and convey people, those who view my artwork will ask me who I painted or who I convey, my response is the name of the painting, I name every subject and give them a story within my mind.If you paint people who already exist and have stories' then you’re more copying then inventing, I much rather invent. I am also to be considered an earthy person, so when that is mixed with ‘artist’ you can only imagine. My favorite artist by far is Leonardo De Vinci. His ability to capture the moment and the skill he portrayed are remarkable. I also love to read, so add me on

I love creating concp such as the Hands That Make It Happen, more artwork like this is soon to come.
I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork, and feel free to leave comments along with some credentials(if you have any.) I love to know what people think.


Также интересны комментарии. Народ делится как с ними также не общаются родственники из Свидетелей.


1. I wasn't raised a JW, but married a woman who was and became one myself. After about 20 years I began to have my doubts and lost interest. Our marriage fell apart and we divorced. I was disfellowshipped and went through a period of deep depression. I met and married a woman who totally changed my life for the better. She passed away from congestive heart failure last month (18 February 2014). Though I am now deeply mourning her loss, I thank God He brought her into my life. We had 28 years and 9 months of many blessings together. I have a daughter who has become very active with the JW's and hasn't spoken to me for over 29 years. It's heartbreaking to see the hardships this organization has brought into so many peoples' lives. I reject their claim that they are God's true servant. You watch. Jesus said many false prophets will arise and cause great deception. I look for increasing exodus by many, especially the young. I believe that the organization will eventually fold and no longer exist, with fewer and fewer associating themselves. God will not uphold those exhibiting unloving behavior and proving themselves false prophets. I pray God will comfort all of you who mourn the tragedies brought about through the lack of love and understanding coming through association with this organization.

2. I feel sorry for this young woman. A long time ago, I was a JW and I left the organization at 19. I was removed not only from my friends, but from my own family and I was considered as per the people in the organization a demoniac creature, only because I opened my eyes to the real truth, and did not want to continue in this disparity of religion. I'd wished I'd known this girl so I could have given her words of sympathy and companionship. She did not have any demon, she used her free will to think by her own, and she was not accepted. She was too young to have the maturity to stand the pressure, which I can understand perfectly. I went through a similar situation.

Также пишут о плане Общества Сторожевой Башни достигнуть мирового господства и о том, что устранение несогласных с ними может им приносить удовлетворение, поскольку соответствует этому плану.

3. I hope her family eventually finds some healing from this. I can't imagine how I'd have handled it if my loved one had succeeded in such an attempt when we were at different places in our journey. As for the WT, they ought to know better. In fact, I believe they actually take pleasure in the deaths of those who refuse to bow to them in their quest for world domination. It fits with their teachings and their master plan.

Дальше - читайте сами. Кто не владеет инглишем - есть Гугл переводчик, смысл будет понятен.

Вот тут еще в блоге на испанском есть.

В одном из комментариев к данному трагедии говорится, что на одну жизнь погубленную буквально, существуют множество жизней, когда люди живут с болью длительное время и ежедневно. Там же дается ссылка на вот ЭТУ статью, в которой говорится о деструктивности и природе психологического давления и избегания неугодных лидерам людей.
В частности упоминается, что это распространено в животном мире, например, у тех же волков и шимпанзе, когда стая обычно поддерживает избегать неугодных альфа-самцу сородичей. Говорится, что для них это тактика выживания. Отмечается, что люди способны проявлять другие качества, в отличие от животных.

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