March 28th, 2014

Стоит только копнуть. Общество Свидетелей Иеговы старается скрывать самоубийства своих членов.

В связи с предыдущим постом, который показывал случай недельной давности 19-летней девушки экс-Свидельницы, публикую случаи не столь свежие, но показательные. А также что люди писали в обсуждении на форумах, как реагировала организация (руководство) на случай самоубиства в США.

Вот основная новость

Investigators searched the scene of an explosion at a Jehovah's Witness' Kingdom Hall in Bates City, Mo. on July 26, 2008.

Kansas City News

A bizarre explosion at a church east of Kansas City killed one man on Saturday afternoon.

ATF agents said the explosion at the Jehovah's Witness' Kingdom Hall on Foggy Bottom Drive was intentionally set, and that the person who died appears to have committed suicide.

Witnesses described large amounts of smoke pouring out of the building, which they said was just recently completed.

The source of the explosion remains a mystery, but investigators found evidence of accelerants in the debris.

The victim was the only person inside the building. Worf


Суть такова. Произошел взрыв и пожар в Зале Царства Свидетелей Иеговы в Канзас Сити, в субботу днем, погибший, по сообщению, покончил жизнь самоубийством. Также были найдены следы поджога.

  Далее, эта новость обсуждается вот ТУТ

Сначала идут версии:

Same link with photo of hall.

Says smoke pouring out, KH's don't have many windows.

But you know those JW's!! It says it was a new building, I bet they bull-doze that sucker off the foundation, and have another quick build, within a week. Praise Jehovah!!! Can't miss any meetings!

The poor soul that died. We could each give 10 reasons why someone would do this. I put my money on unbelieving mate, wife leaves because the elders told her to, and take the kids. A little theocratic warfare!!


My folks called me a few hours ago with this.

The rumor going around here is that the guy was a JW at the KH by himself and committed suicide by blowing it up.

My father helped on the quick build of that KH.

(Суть данного коммента: Мои близкие позвонили мне несколько часов назад сообщив об этом. Слухи говорят о том, что погибший в Зале Царства был Свидетелем Иеговы и покончил с собой взорвав его. Мой отец помогал строить этот Зал царства быстрого способа строительства.)


That's impossible. We all know that Witnesses are the 'happiest people on earth.'

With that said, what I find so disturbing is the method with which this guy killed himself. Far too eerily similiar to the suicide bombers of Islam, although he didn't take anyone else with him. The fact that he purposely committed suicide and took the KH with him, most definitely indicates a deep-seated rage at the Organization, which I can certainly sympathize with.

Very tragic. I can't help but wonder if this guy ever tried speaking to the elders or anyone else there about his (obvious) depression, only to be brushed off.

(Мадам пишет примерно: Это невозможно. Мы все знаем, что Свидетели "самый счастливый народ на земле". Далее она считает, что это сделал кто-то из ненавидящих Организацию, способом исламиста-смертника. Почему он не поговорил со старейшинами о своей депрессии?)


I'm going to try to find out reliable and accurate information about this (not relying on wild JW rumors).

If I'm able to find out anything definite, I'll post it.

The cult has claimed another victim. Sad.

Примерно: Я попробую выяснить подробности, не опираясь лишь на слухи.


Too sad. I'll with hold judgment until more news comes out, but it sure looks like he was saying "you've hurt me too much for life" to the local congregation.

I live five miles from the KH. We took photos and there is much more info if you read 's article and read the COMMENTS on the article. Apparently, the guy went to the front of the KH, poured gasoline on himself and lit it. It blew a hole in the back wall (away from the street side so we couldn't get photos of it), and started a fire. The KH is still standing and basically needs some hefty cleanup work and the hole in the brick wall repaired. The congregation was in there cleaning up today, bringing bag after bag of debris out. My husband and I took photos from the road, which rattled their cage. The ATF was there yesterday, but the police tapes were down today. Also, from what I could find out, it was most likely a MS or Elder as the person had the key, and did not break in. That particular congregation usually cleans their KH on Saturday afternoons, so this guy most likely knew that and had access to the KH. That's all I have been able to glean so far. Teresa

Суть сообщения (кратко): Я живу в 5 милях от Зала царства. Мы сделали фотографии и есть информация больше, чем на сайте Далее идут предположения, что человек облил себя бензином и поджег. Возможно это был старейшина, потому что у него был ключ, чтобы попасть внутрь зала.


Oompa is always talking about blowing up Kingdom Halls. Hope it wasn't him.

From what I can tell, his last post was made at 6 pm Saturday, central time. What time was the explosion?

What a painful way to go...

The news should be watched, especially from the KH. The man may be posthumously disfellowshipped.

Ого. Пишет, что человек может быть исключен посмертно.

"Posthumously disfellowshipped", I like that. LMFAO!


Only other news I've seen is that the autopsy states he shot himself to death. The local news has sat on this story, no name given as yet, no more information. No obituaries in the newspaper. Looks like his family is just going to bury him with no memorial, even in the newspaper. I begin to wonder if the society is paying off the media to keep this quiet. They even removed all comments in the KCStar's website pertaining to the July 28th article about the police not yet releasing his name. Someone must have some influence with that newspaper.

Вскрытие показало, что он застрелился. Для местных новостей это "горячая новость", но нет ни имени, ни дополнительной информации. Нет некролога в газете. Походе его семья будет хоронить его без огласки. Я буду удивлен если общество будет это замалчивать. Они даже убрали все комментарии с KCStar's website, которые относились к статье полиции от 28 июля, где даже не названо его имя. Кто-то наверняка имеет связи в газете.)


Is it possible one of you from the area can go to the local paper and inquire as to why they are squashing the story?

I mean, the TN church shooting was covered in full.

If I lived there, I'd be at the local newspaper asking hard questions, in person.


Предлагает задавать вопросы газете, тем кто живет поблизости - Почему они замалчивают эту историю?

Or ask the competing newspapers to invesitigate the coverup.

I e-mailed the reporter and urged him to dig a little deeper. I provided links like,, and sixscreens.

I haven't heard anything back.

I guess I'll move on to the editor of the Kansas City Star.

All I know is, the local qualified male JWs are going in to A-Team mode and plan to swoop in and rebuild the KH as fast as possible.

Я написал корреспонденту по электронной почте и предложил ему покопать глубже указав на сайты,, and sixscreens.
Я не получил ответа.
Я думаю, что я пойду к редактору Канзас Сити Стар.
Все, что я знаю, что местные старейшины Свидетелей собираются вместе и планируют как можно быстрее восстановить Зал царства.


Its upsetting how the WT has been able to quash this story and keep vital facts from the media. The person that did this was an ACTIVE ELDER appointed by the WT. He had strongly opposed the new KH being built and there was tension and strife between the body of elders. The elder was with his group cleaning the KH. He waited for the group to leave and when alone, parked his vehicle away from the KH and brought several cans of gasoline which he poured in the auditorium. He then went to the bathroom where he shot himself. The elders did not give him a funeral service. The rumor was that he had stopped taking his medication for the past 3 months. The congregation name is Oak Grove. i This story has been deliberately kept secret as to avoid repraoch upon Gods Organization. Just like the Jonathan Holt story who killed a fellow JW member after raping her.

Основной смысл: Человек, который это сделал был активным старейшиной Свидетелей Иеговы. Он был против постройки нового зала царства [ зал который был построен, был построен за неделю-десять дней, способом "быстрой сборки", практикуемым Свидетелями Иеговы]. Была борьба в совете старейшин. Старейшина должен был встретить группу для уборки зала. Он приехал раньше, припарковал машину, взял несколько емкостей бензина и вылил их в главном зале. Потом пошел в ванную, где застрелился. Старейшины не будут проводить погребальной церемонии. Был слух, что он перестал принимать лекарства 3 месяца назад. Собрание называется Oak Grove. Это происшествие намеренно скрывается, потому что это может нанести "позор" на Организацию бога. Также как и история Джонатан Холт, который убил Свидетельницу после её изнасилования.

  Ссылка где это обсуждалось (опубликовано с сокращениями). Если перевел что-то сильно неточно - поправьте, кто знает инглиш лучше.


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Список самоубийств Свидетелей Иеговы, написанный одним лицом.


Вот оригинал  (ссылка) :

Disfellowshipped Jehovah's Witnesses Personally Known by Myself Who Committed Suicide in Eastern Canada - anonymous in Nova Scotia (spans 1960-1990)

Лишенные общения Свидетели Иеговы, которых я знал лично и которые покончили жизнь самоубийством в Восточной Канаде - Анонимус в Новой Шотландии ( охватывает 1960-1990 )


-age approx. 30 years, shot himself

( Друг, застрелился )

FRIEND, DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA (not related to the above)

- age approximately 30 years, shot himself in the head in Vancouver - comes from a long line of disfunctional JW families. Got involved with the drug trade in Vancouver. I was the one to bring his Mom into the Watchtower when he was a tiny boy. She calls me often, crying and in great emotional distress because he is now gone, her other children are still in the JWs, and says she does not deserve to live (she has been disfellowshipped twice and is now out of the Watchtower Society. Her JW daughter has been diagnosted as multi-personality and makes regular trips to the Mental Hospital. Her JW son, who is a ministerial servant, raced the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (who had to set up a roadblock to stop him) on his way to his mother's home with a gun to kill her. He is still in good standing with the congregations even though he has a police record and is on court record as a dangerous offender. Her story is heart-breaking. She has had two heart attacks this past summer. She is 57 yrs old.

( Друг, выстрелил себе в голову )

FATHER, DIGBY, NOVA SCOTIA -age 30 years. Shot hirnself out in his boat so it might look like a drowning. Left behind a wife and 2 children. His JW parents did not go to the funeral.

(застрелился в лодке)

FATHER, LAWRENCETOWN, NOVA SCOTIA - approximately 50 years old. Shot himself. His wife has since remarried a "worldly person." Their daughter married a Catholic and is out of the JWs. Their son spent years in Juvenile Jail for various offenses - car stealing, etc.

( Застрелился)

HUSBAND, DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA - approximately 40 years old, blew himself up in his truck in Burnside Industrial Park. His wife has been disfellowshipped twice and is now attending meetings.

( подорвал себя в машине)

A FATHER, BEDFORD, NOVA SC0TIA - He was married to a JW and his children are still JWs, but he was not a JW. He was approximately 40 years old.

( не описано )

SISTER, PORT HAWKSBURY, NOVA SCOTIA - In her teens, shot herself in the basement home while mom was at Watchtower Study. Her Mom still goes to Kingdom Hall, but has a "worldly" male friend.

( застрелилась в подвале дома )

SISTER, (PUGWASH, SPRINGHILL AREA) NOVA SCOTIA - Young teenager (21 and disfellowshipped) whose parents afterward would not allow the casket to come into the house, so it was left on the front porch until the burial. Neighbors tell this story over and over.

( не описано)

50-YEAR-OLD MAN, HALIFAX, NOYA SCOTIA - His wife apparently was trying to jump out of the car on her way home from the WT 1958 N.Y. Assembly - and was killed in the car accident that followed. Their two children witnessed this accident.

( его жена пыталась выпрыгнуть из машины при возвращении с конгресса Свидетелей Иеговы в 1958 году, погибла в аварии, которая последовала. Её двое детей стали свидетелями её гибели)


Это слишком много!!

Поразило вот это

SISTER, (PUGWASH, SPRINGHILL AREA) NOVA SCOTIA - Young teenager (21 and disfellowshipped) whose parents afterward would not allow the casket to come into the house, so it was left on the front porch until the burial. Neighbors tell this story over and over.

Сестра (PUGWASH, SPRINGHILL AREA) NOVA SCOTIA - 21-летняя девушка, чьи родители не позволили поместить гроб (или урну) в доме, так что она оставалась на крыльце, пока не была погребена. Соседи рассказывают это снова и снова.

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